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Mexico's pre-Hispanic alcoholic beverage "El pulque".

Have you ever heard of pulque?

In general, when you think of a Mexican beverage, it is common that the first mental image is of a tequila or a cold beer. But there is another Mexican drink whose ancient origin dates back to before the arrival of the Spaniards to the "New World" and has become an indispensable beverage.

Pulque is a fermented liquor obtained from the stalks of the "maguey" plant, which is a type of endemic agave.

This drink is similar to the "doburoku" drink from Japan.

It has an alcohol content of about 4%, which is low, compared to the average of other alcoholic beverages.

Its natural color is white, but it can be made in different flavors such as fruity flavor, which in turn give it a new aesthetic appearance.

Unfortunately, this drink has a short shelf life before it expires, so it is difficult to find it outside Mexico.

So why not enjoy a good natural or flavored pulque while visiting Mexico? Visit the bars better known as "Pulquerias" where you can taste this drink.

In the capital of Queretaro there is a popular pulqueria that you can visit, so if you are interested, we invite you to ask us at the reception of the Hotel.

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