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Spring has arrived!

A perfect time to see the cherry blossoms in Japan, but if you are in Mexico at the beginning of the year, are there any flowers that you can appreciate?

The arrival of spring after the cold winter is considered one of the most popular seasons. To the point that in Japanese culture it is an activity called "Hanami" (flower viewing), which can be done with the cherry blossoms that bloom at the beginning of the year.

Unfortunately in Mexico you can not see cherry blossoms, however there is a Mexican plant whose flower is similar to the cherry blossoms in Japan and also blooms beautifully at the beginning of the year; this plant is known as "Jacaranda". It is one of the largest flowering trees in the world.

Which allows you to feel the spring through the sight, with its color and shape, as do the cherry blossoms in Japan.

Although the "Jacaranda" tree is originally from Brazil, it was able to reach Mexico some time ago thanks to the work of Japanese gardeners who emigrated at that time.

Unlike Japan, here in Mexico there is no "Hanami" culture in most of the population. However, the Jacarandas will continue to bloom every year for those who like to contemplate their flowers.

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