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Make your own dish with a taste of Japan

Within the great variety of products that you can find in our Mini-shop; you can already find frozen products of quick preparation, thanks to the fact that we have recently equipped a freezer so that you can have more variety of food within your reach.

Below, we will recommend some of the ways you can prepare some of the frozen food options.

1.- Frozen pizza with "Raayu".

Start by heating the pizza in the microwave for 3 minutes (you can follow the instructions on the back of the box).

The touch to make this dish more delicious is to add a little of the "sazonador" that will add a new flavor with a spicy touch of the "Raayu" with garlic, besides giving it a delicious aroma.

This dish goes well with a cold beer; to enjoy after a long day of work. It is a great option to end the day with a delicious meal.

2.- Frozen "Udon" noodles accompanied with "Natto" (fermented soybean) and seasoned with "Furikake" (Japanese seasoning).

After you purchased the necessary ingredients from our mini-shop, you will start by cooking the Udon noodles for 2 minutes.

Once the water is boiling, drain them and transfer them to a bowl.

Then you can top the Udon noodles with natto and furikake to your liking; another option to add to this dish can be soy sauce and Raayu.

To finish, just mix all the ingredients well; and most importantly, enjoy the dish in the comfort of your room.

Now you know how to easily recreate the taste of Japan in Mexico.

If you want to taste the authentic Japanese flavor, this is an excellent option; it is also delicious and easy to prepare.

Remember that all the ingredients to make these dishes are available in our Mini-shop, located next to the reception.

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