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TAMALES: A traditional dish from Mexico.

This time I am going to introduce you to a typical dish that is usually the protagonist at the table of Mexican families on February 2nd, known as "Candlemas Day"; according to tradition, on that day the people who got a hidden doll in the last "Rosca de Reyes" (mentioned in the last article about Christmas traditions) must buy tamales to give as a gift to all the people who were there during the "Rosca de Reyes" game.

The dish is called "Tamal" and in plural would be "Tamales", but have you ever had the opportunity to try a tamale?

Tamales are made with a corn puree created from mixing masa with lard, which is then wrapped with a corn husk which is the most common or it is also usually wrapped with a leaf from a banana tree. To be steamed.


However, it should be noted that this dish can be both a sweet and savory dish. It can contain a meat filling such as chicken or pork, as well as being seasoned with salt, chiles, green or red sauce or mole. And on the sweet side, it is filled with a variety of fruits such as strawberry or pineapple, which are the most popular flavors; besides flavoring them with sugar and chocolate.

The tamale is a pre-Columbian dish that is usually found not only in Mexico, but also in the rest of the Latin American countries, resulting in a great variety of flavors and shapes that represent a part of the gastronomy of its country or region of origin. 


A good example would be to compare the differences between Oaxacan tamales, which are made with a slightly more moist dough wrapped in banana leaves and filled with meat seasoned with mole; and the tamales better known as "Nacatamales" in Honduras, which usually contain rice, chickpeas, olives and achiote inside, in addition to a portion of meat. The way in which tamales are wrapped also gives them a particular flavor during cooking, such as the tamales from Ecuador that are wrapped in achira leaves.


Within the Mexican culture, the tamale has reached a great popularity that caused it to stop being an exclusive dish to be tasted only on national holidays and special occasions, to become a food that can be eaten every day.  


Conveniently in the Juriquilla area, where the FUJITAYA Hotel is located, there is an establishment called "Tamay" (Blvd. Universitario 560-local 13, Manzanares, Jurica Acueducto, 76230 Juriquilla, Qro.) which is dedicated to the sale of Mexican dishes, among which are tamales. So you can taste them at any time of the year. You can visit the establishment to taste the tamales and find your favorite flavor; which is less than 10 minutes away by car, leaving from the Hotel.

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