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En México se acostumbra a reunirse con la familia y amigos en el último día del año. Realizando normalmente una gran cena donde se suelen dedicar algunas palabras o pensamientos de buenos deseos y darles un cálido abrazo a todos los presentes una vez iniciando el nuevo año. Pero en Japón la celebración continua, con la tradicional reunión familiar del 1 de enero. Se dura hasta 3 de enero, y ese tiempo sellama “Oshogatsu”.

The whole family gets together for a big meal where food and drinks are not lacking. You might think that it is similar to what is customary in Mexico on December 31st dinner, but there is a particular custom that is not done in Mexico; on the first day of the year, children receive paper envelopes decorated with money inside, called "Pochi Fukuro". These are given to them by their parents, uncles, aunts, uncles and grandparents. This money is called "Otoshidama".

There is no rule that delimits the age at which children can continue to receive Otoshidama, but some monetary amounts have been established as a reference for gifts; figures that cannot have the number four in them because it is considered an unlucky number.

For adults, Otoshidama postcards called "Otoshidama tsuki nenganjyo hagaki" are usually given as a gift; they resemble the New Year postcards known in the West, however, at the bottom they have a number to participate in the lottery of the Post Office, which carries out various drawings on that day.

With the start of a new year and the fortune of the lucky deities, you can enjoy our new promotion throughout the month of January; at FUJITAYA receive the Otoshidama of 1 coupon worth $500 MXN to be redeemed at the restaurant when booking any type of room, except for "The FUJITAYA Executive" category.

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