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"OFURO" Japanese Thermal Water Bath

A unique experience that you can live in FUJITAYA!

The act of bathing is deeply rooted in the culture of Japan for a long time; getting its own "ritual" and purpose that is far away from what bathing is for western cultures.

Normally one goes to the "Ofuro" to finish the important activities of the day, either in the afternoon or evening. Because for the Japanese, bathing is a place of respect and serenity where one goes to relax one's body from physical stress, but also to rest one's mind from all worrisome thoughts and to reflect. Since there is a cultural belief that water is an element that can purify and give life.

For that reason one should enter without any material object, so as not to disconcert the mind and body.


Here are the benefits and the correct way to use the "Ofuro".

The benefits of "Ofuro":

(The results will depend mainly on the metabolism of each person).

  1. The muscular and joint load is reduced by resting the body on the water while floating; also allowing the recovery of fatigue.

  2. You can relax physically and mentally by being in a serene environment.

  3. It improves the quality of sleep.

  4. Thanks to the high temperatures of the water, you can prevent the proliferation of some diseases in the body, as well as a recovery of physical strength.

But keep in mind that being exposed to high temperatures for a long time, without adequate hydration, pregnant, with health problems or under the influence of alcohol, can be bad for your health.

How to use FUJITAYA "Ofuro":

You do not need to bring many items with you to go to the "Ofuro", as it has towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap and hair dryer.

  1. Upon arrival, you will need to take off your shoes and place them in an available space in our shoe rack.

  2. Once barefoot. You can store your valuables, such as cell phone, keys, wallet, etc; inside our safety boxes with combination that you can personalize.

  3. When you enter the dressing room, you will have to take off all your clothes, being totally naked. You may store your clothes in any of our available baskets and take a hand towel to dry your body when you are done (not to cover yourself or submerge yourself in the water).

  4. When you enter the Ofuro, you must first wash your entire body in the surrounding showers.

  5. Once your body is clean of any imperfections on the outside, you may enter the Ofuro. You can submerge and rest quietly in our inner Ofuro or the one outside.

  6. At the end, you should shower and dry yourself to return to the dressing room.

In Japan, it is customary to drink milk with coffee or strawberries after bathing; but here at FUJITAYA you can hydrate yourself with our complimentary POCARI WEAT service.

Experience the culture of Japan in Mexico and live this unique experience at FUJITAYA.

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