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Day of the Dead

It is the most popular and one of the most important festivities in the Mexican cultural folklore. In this blog we will tell you more details about the Mexican holiday better known as "Day of the Dead".

The "Day of the Dead" is celebrated annually in the first days of November. According to tradition, it is believed that the souls of their deceased relatives visit the world of the living to reunite for one night with their families; dedicating November 1st to the young souls and November 2nd to the adult souls.

The concept of the festival is similar to that of the Japanese "Obon" festival; but with the characteristic of the ostentation and colorful decoration that make up the altars.

The most important part of this festivity is the "Altar of the Dead", where the photograph of the deceased family members will be placed, along with their food and drinks that they liked when they were alive, as well as other symbolic elements such as candles and abundant orange flowers of the time, known in Mexico as "Flor de Cempasuchil" (Cempasuchil flower).

It is believed that these flowers in particular, serve as a guide on the path of the souls to the world of the living. For this reason, petals are usually placed on the floor as a path.

We invite you to visit the altar placed in the lobby of Hotel FUJITAYA in commemoration of this holiday and take a picture with the "Catrina".

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