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Children's Day

Updated: Apr 10

In Japan, there is a children's day on May 5 to celebrate healthy growth, called "Kodomono-hi".

At first, he called "Tangono-sekku", and used to decorate his armor and bathe in hot water of shobu (which is a type of plant) to pray for the growth of children.

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Today, all children are celebrated equally. Whether at home or in some public place, where koinobori, kabuto, and musha ningyou are decorated. In addition, kashiwamochi and chimaki are usually consumed; which are traditional foods for these dates in Japan.

In Mexico, Children's Day is celebrated every April 30, since 1940. When it was established, at first it was celebrated on May 1st, but later it was changed to April 30th; because that day was the birthday of the Hero of the Mexican Revolution, Francisco I. Madero.

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Children's Day has become part of Mexican culture and traditions that value children. Thanks to this day, children feel loved and cared for and grow up healthy.

This "holiday long weekend" from Saturday, April 29th to May 1st, why not celebrate Children's Day with your children with a Special Offer at FUJITAYA?

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