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Hotel Fujitaya, thanks you for your preference, and offers you the Internal Regulations for your observance, compliance and your own benefit.

The undersigned whose signature appears at the bottom, on behalf of himself and all persons staying here with him, release Hotel FUJITAYA and any of its affiliated, linked or associated controlling companies from all liability and any kind of claim based on any event, whether while practicing sports or any other activity in pools, Ofuros, walkways or areas of the hotel, or for failure to exercise due care and caution at all times, or for participating in activities operated, leased or managed by concessionaires or licensees, or for failure to observe the hotel's warnings, or attributable to alcohol or drug abuse, or in connection with money, valuables, jewelry, objects and documents not deposited in the hotel's in-room safe deposit boxes available to its guests. The undersigned agrees to submit to and abide by the applicable regulations governing the rules and conduct within our facilities, which are listed below:

1. Check-in time will be from 15:00 hrs, in case of requesting an "Early Check-in", i.e. an early arrival to your reservation, early access will be granted up to 12:00 pm the same day, as long as the Hotel has the availability corresponding to the type of room. (The service of "Early Check-in" is done with extra cost before 15:00 hours). (The cost per extra hour is $200.00 MXN for rooms: Biz Express, Biz Standard, The Fujitaya and The Fujiyata Executive. For any other room type, the hourly rate is $400.00 MXN).

2. The "Late Check-out" time limit will be after 12:00 pm, granting a tolerance of 60 additional minutes to the guest after the check-out time. In case of a "Late Check-out" after the tolerance time, an extra charge will be applied for each hour after the time limit, which is after 13:00 hours. (El cargo extra será de $200.00 MXN por hora para el tipo de habitación: Biz Express, Biz Standard, The Fujitaya y The Fujitaya Executive; para cualquier otro tipo de habitación el cargo extra será de $400.00 MXN por hora). 

3. The charge for the room is generated at the time of delivery of the room.

4. In case of reservation, the guest must provide a card in guarantee in case of "No show", that is, in case of no-show to your reservation, so that in this case will be applicable a penalty concerning the charge of one night.

5. We recommend that you use the safety deposit box in your room; the hotel is not responsible for the loss of jewelry, money or other valuables in your room that are not in the safety deposit box.

6. It is forbidden for guests' visitors to spend the night in the room or make excessive use of the room's services.

7. Please keep quiet after 22:00 hours.

8. The hotel's swimming pool is for the exclusive use of guests from 9:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.

9. The Fitness Center, Laundry Area and Golf Room are available 24 hours a day; if you require the Golf Room, you must make a reservation prior to the time of use or request it at the Front Desk at the time you wish to use it (subject to availability).

10. You may use the ofuro without prior reservation, always considering the service hours of the area established at the entrance of the same (subject to change without prior notice).

11. The Hotel Fujitaya will provide luggage storage service, which may not exceed 24 hours, and should not contain objects or documents of value, jewelry, money, valuables, since the Hotel FUJITAYA will not be responsible for the loss of the same.

12. Hotel Fujitaya has Civil Liability Insurance that covers damages to third parties in their property and person, depending on the number of rooms we have, this according to the applicable and current regulations.

13. Please dress appropriately when taking food in the Restaurant and when walking in the aisles or stairways.

14. Pets of any kind are not allowed inside the hotel facilities.

15. Services provided by third parties: babysitters, tour and travel agencies, cabs, car rentals, doctors, etc. are not the responsibility of this hotel.

16. Help us to conserve the environment, turn off lights and other electrical/electronic equipment when not in use, turn off the water faucets before leaving the room.

17. By official provision of the Law published in the Official Gazette of the Federation on May 30, 2008, Chapter I, Article 6 mentions that a 100% smoke-free space is an enclosed physical area with access to the public or any indoor workplace or public transportation, in which for reasons of public order and social interest it is prohibited to smoke, consume or have any tobacco product lit. Chapter III, Article 26. It is prohibited for any person to consume or have any tobacco product lit in 100% smoke-free spaces. In case of non-compliance with the GENERAL LAW FOR TOBACCO CONTROL in 100% smoke-free areas, non-compliance with the precepts of this Law, its regulations and other provisions that emanate from it will be sanctioned administratively by the health authorities, without prejudice to the corresponding penalties when they constitute crimes, as established in Title Seven, Sanctions, Sole Chapter, Articles 45, 46, 47, I, II, III and Articles 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55. The FUJITAYA Hotel will charge directly to your room in case of detecting a tobacco odor, being discovered consuming a tobacco product or having any tobacco product lit inside the 100% smoke-free spaces for the amount of $3,000.00 MXN plus taxes for the cleaning and deodorization of the affected space; in case of detecting a cigarette or narcotic odor in your room at the moment of your arrival, please notify immediately to the Front Desk staff.

18. It is strictly forbidden within the Hotel the consumption, sale or possession of narcotics such as narcotics, psychotropic and other substances or plants prohibited in Article 237 of the General Health Law and its derivatives; in case of non-compliance will be taken to the provisions of the provisions of Title Seven of the Federal Penal Code, and will be consigned to the competent authorities.

19. It is forbidden to perform any act that causes damage or harm to the Hotel or other guests, or conduct contrary to decorum or good social behavior.

20. Our establishment is committed to the National Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescents in the Travel and Tourism Sector, therefore any activity that involves a presumed case of sexual or labor exploitation of children and adolescents will trigger the execution of our action protocol and will respond to the law within the framework of the regulations in force. By virtue of the fact that this company Hotel FUJITAYA is a Mexican company and the services are provided in the Mexican Republic, the undersigned agrees to specifically submit to the jurisdiction or competence of the courts or authorities of the Mexican territory.


21. In case of leaving the water faucet open, causing damage or deterioration in the facilities or attachments of the Hotel, inside or outside your room, you will be subject to a fine of $3,000.00 MXN for the cleaning of the affected areas.

22. Hotel Fujitaya reserves its right not to grant the lodging service in the following cases:

I. When there are no rooms available due to full occupancy.

II. When it is not possible to accommodate guests due to some catastrophe, breakdown of facilities or other unavoidable reasons.

III. When the person who intends to stay in the accommodation fails to comply with legal provisions, public order or when there is a risk of a person acting in a manner contrary to good manners.

IV. When the person requesting the lodging has committed any aggression, threat, extortion or other violent act of demand.

V. When it is proven that the person requesting the lodging is a member of a group of anti-social forces.

23. Liability in Regard to Parking.

The Hotel shall not be liable for the custody of the vehicle of the Guest when the Guest utilizes the parking lot within the premises of the Hotel, as it shall be regarded that the Hotel simply offers the space for parking, whether the key of the vehicle has been deposited at the Hotel or not. However, the Hotel shall compensate the Guest for damage caused through intention or negligence on the part of the Hotel in regard to the management of the parking lot.


24. Liability of the Guest.

The Guest shall compensate the Hotel for damage caused trough intention or negligence on the part of the Guest.


25. Governing Language, Jurisdiction and Applicable Laws.

These Provisions are written in both Japanese and English. In the event of any inconsistency or difference between the two versions of these Provisions, the Spanish version shall prevail in all respects. Likewise, the applicable law shall be the law established in Mexico.

26. Service or assistance animals.

Users of service or assistance animals must present the corresponding medical certificates of the medical necessity for the use of the same, as well as the corresponding certificate of the service animal issued by the competent authority. 

  • Users who need the assistance of service animals will be requested to keep them in their carrier, or otherwise hold them in their arms in public areas (lobby, restaurant, lounges, pool area) as long as the size of the service animal allows it and as long as it can provide the necessary assistance to the user.

  • Service animals are not allowed in the pool for sanitary reasons. Likewise, the entrance of service animals to the offurous area is prohibited for sanitary reasons and for the safety of the animal.

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