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Have you ever given a gift to someone just for visiting them? Because in this chapter we will learn about the Japanese practice that seeks to give respect and gratitude to the host when you are invited, and applies to both formal and casual situations. We are talking about "Temiyage", which is the act of bringing a gift when visiting someone in Japan.



But it has a deeper meaning than being a simple gift, as it reflects the importance of reciprocity and gratitude within Japanese culture. It is also an expression of appreciation for the hospitality received and shows a deep respect for the relationship between the visitor and the host. It strengthens social ties and fosters more harmonious relationships.


For that reason, it is also very important how the gift is delivered. The better the presentation of the gift, the better it will reflect the attention and care offered to the recipient. And let's not forget the detail of offering the gift holding it with both hands as a sign of respect.


Now you know a little more about the cultural richness that Japan offers to the world. And if you would like to put this ancient expression of mutual respect and gratitude into practice with your loved ones, then a good start would be to visit our "Mini-shop" to purchase a FUJITAYA souvenir or any Japanese item that you think your recipient might be interested in.


Live the cultural experience of Japan in Mexico by visiting FUJITAYA Hotel.

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