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GOEN's new handcrafted "Obento" service

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

FUJITAYA also accommodates long-term residents, who live in our apartments, in addition to the guests who use the hotel.

We are always thinking about how we can offer the best service and experience to all our guests and residents. So now we are offering this new service that can make all our Japanese visitors feel more at home and share more of Japan's culture to all our other visitors.

You can find a wide variety of imported Japanese products and commercial items such as snacks, beverages, food, stationery, electronics and more in our "Mini-shop" located next to Reception.

Inside the "Mini-shop", you will be able to purchase your "Obento" of the day, starting at 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. You will be able to select between 4 to 5 different flavors. An experience similar to going to a store in Japan.

Because the product is fresh and made the same day, we have a limited number of this product daily. So there is a possibility that we may run out during the afternoon and our guests arriving in the evening may not be able to purchase. Concerned about this possible situation, we began to offer the option of reserving "Obentos" a day in advance.

You will be able to choose from several different flavors at an affordable price, great to enjoy in the afternoon after work!

The menu is located next to Reception; where you will be able to know the flavors that we have:

  • Matsu Jigawari $200 MXN

  • Take Jigawari $180 MXN

  • Ume Jigawari $160 MXN

  • Karaage obento $160 MXN

  • Wafu hamburger obento $180 MXN

  • Saba misoni obento $180 MXN

  • Shogayaki obento $180 MXN

  • Chikuzenni obento $180 MXN

  • Niku yasai itame obento $170 MXN

  • Suki yaki obento $180 MXN

  • Donburi $160 MXN

  • Buta sutamina obento $180 MXN

If you would like to find an Obento with a new flavor, please let us know at the front desk because we want to hear your opinion to always offer you the best.

Take the opportunity to try GOEN's handmade Obento!

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